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Banquet for the falling plum blossoms / 落梅の宴

"Banquet of plum blossoms" consists of 32 waka poems on the subject of plum blossoms in a poetry book, The Manyo in the 8th century.
It is also known as the source of the Japanese current era name.
In an old Chinese song, the falling white plum blossoms are superimposed on snow, evoking thoughts of home in the north of china or of a loved one far away.
In 732, Otomo no Tabito held a banquet with the intention of composing waka poems (rather than Chinese poems, but as a tribute to the Chinese concept of falling plum) while enjoying plum blossoms from the Chinese in his garden.
These waka poems, composed sequentially by 32 poets, may or may not respond to a previous poem, or change subject once and come back again.
They are connected in turn, like a conversation at a banquet or like a euphemistic catch-ball.

The work abstracts the movement of space in a waka poem by using the rhythm of 5-7-5-7-7 of the poem in the background, with similar shapes gradually changing, as in a play on words.

主宰者である大伴旅人は、「花開く梅」ではなく、「落梅」を詠んでいます。大陸の古曲において、白い梅が落ちる様子は雪と重ねられ、北の故郷を想う心、あるいは遠く離れた愛する人を想う心をも連想させます。 一方で唐の時代には、梅花粧という、白い梅の花が散ってお姫様のひたいに落ちてきたことに由来する、額につけるお化粧も流行っていたようです。正倉院の鳥毛立女図にも、額に花模様が描かれています。
梅花の宴の中から6首をピックアップし、前の歌を受けて別の空間を作るように、作品と作品は互いに関係しながら成立しています。落梅/梅花粧/雪のイメージが重ねられた梅花模様を中心に、5-7-5-7-7 のリズムを下敷きに、言葉遊びのように、似た形が少しずつ変化しながら、和歌における空間の動きを抽象化しています。

02 [There are many love-melancories in our human world, if..] 02 世の中は恋繁しえや

02 [There are many love-melancories in our human world, if..] 02 世の中は恋繁しえや

06 [The flower came to me in my dreams and say,..] 06 梅の花 夢に語らく

Art project "Three hot springs of Mimasaka Art temperature" Fukumasu-Tei, Okayama
Aug-Dec, 2022, Fukumasu-tei(Okayama, Japan )

2022年8月-12月 ふくます亭・岡山

photo: koichi nishiyama

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