Japanese gardens

Repeating Mountains and Rocky Coasts / 山と荒磯 dal segno

from September 04, 2018 to September 25, 2018 Art Trace Gallery, Tokyo

The Rocky coast in the Japanese garden, acrylic on pleater and acrylic on paper
Solo exhibition "Repeating Mountains and Rocky Coasts" at ART TRACE gallery, Tokyo,2018/9

the first drawing for this exhibition

"water fall" marker, pencil and sticker on paper, 2016

The Rocky coast in the Japanese garden, acrylic on pleater

Three stones of the rocky coast in the Japanese garden, colorpencil on paper, acrylic on pleater

the Rocky coast in the Japanese garden

Three stones of the rocky coast in the Japanese garden, pencil on paper, aluminum

“Repeating Mountains and Rocky Coasts”

Something that I call the stone could change in many transformation.
At first, there is a small circle sticker.
I decide that I regard this thin circle sticker as the stone .
If you watch this closer, you will find the sticker has little thickness and we can regard it also as a cylinder.
(Otherwise, it reminds some people of a sphere, when they try to see it in three-dimensions. )

And then, if we could make this small and thin cylinder taller, there is a tall cylinder.
Although the appearance from the side of the tall cylinder is not similar to the sticker and the stone,
by looking down like a bird's eye, we will find the circle of sticker is there.
So, we can call this tall cylinder as a stone.

The answer need not be always one. What I think absolutely "yes", could change tomorrow.
Like seasons keep changing, humans, the society of humans and also rules could change.

By being repeated on my works, the mountains and the rocky coasts are losing forms of themselves.
But there is the borderline that we regard something as the mountain.
I am interested in this transformation and also looking for the strcture and the rules that something
can be mountains and rocky coasts and so on.

(10.2018 Natsuki Oshiro)






2018.10 個展「山と荒磯」によせたテキスト

"The hill " "山", Oil on cotton mounted on wood panel

"hills " "山々", Watercolor and colorpencil on paper

"hills" "山々", Oil on cotton mounted on wood panel

photo: koichi nishiyama

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