the Garden of Versailles is a French-style garden under the direction of the gardener Le Notre.
It is a vast wonderful garden, with amazing perspective technique and beautiful decorativeness.

About Works for "Versailles"

Here we have a thin box, like a square canvas or like a panel.
I regard this thin box as a big "structure".
Then, we put the cloth that have a decorative pattern on the "structure",
This is "structure" and "decoration".

ヴェルサイユ庭園は、フランス式整形庭園がヨーロッパ各国に広まるきっかけとなった、代表的なフランス式整形庭園です。 イギリス式庭園や日本庭園が風景・宗教などの具体的モチーフがあるのに対し、ベルサイユ宮殿と庭園は、王の「権威」を象徴するような庭園です。そこには装飾と遠近法が、圧倒的なボリュームと驚くべき技術によって展開されています。

庭師ル・ノートルによって作られたこの庭園は、絵画の遠近法の考え方がランドスケープとして表現され、 (例:遠くの要素はより大きく作ることで、王の視点から見た時に、手前の要素と同じ大きさに見える、など。)


We will call this object the Garden of Versailles.

With these two keywords, in my work, "the Versailles Garden" changes into various appearances.
In the actual Versailles, the interior decoration of the palace has been transformed into larger-scale three-dimensional plantings and paths constructed with geometric patterns. In the same way, on my works, surfaces and lines move back and forth in 2D and 3D.

The process of the subject's transformation is not a sudden leap, but a process of taking appropriate measures.

The work is like a manual for me to understand the structure of Versailles gardens, And I think that it can be a manual or a language that can be shared with others.

Knowing the name of an object may be the act that we believe in "understanding" by putting it in the drawer of "recognition".

I think the change in my Versailles garden may be the reverse of this process.






Natsuki Oshiro, 18th May 2019

"Versailles, without structure"V Acrylic on printed cotton (inside: some pieces of cloth)/ 10×10cm / 2018

photo: koichi nishiyama