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大城夏紀 natsuki oshiro






Collective exhibitions, 2018


3331 Art Fair: Forming Constellations
Art Trace Gallery,Tokyo, 2.2018




The ponds and the mountain in the Japanese garden
the mountain (小廬山),Oil on linen and painted rope, 2018

“2ponds or board”
Acrylic on wood, 182 ㎝×5-10cm/10 pieces, variable, 2018


Two ponds of the Japanese garden are drawn
with a thin line on the board.
this line is divided and rearranged.
It is a work like to dismantle words into one and one sound.


ラインが分断され並べ替えられることで、言葉を1 音1 音に解体するような作品です。




Rocky shore, Tokyo, 10-12.2018


photo: koichi nishiyama


The rocky coast (荒磯), Acrylic on wood, plaster and alminium, 2018

“The rocky coast / 3board with paper  荒磯 ” 
Acrylic on wood, plaster and alminium, variable, 2018


The installation work in the solo exhibition "Repeating Mountains and Rocky Coasts" is further abstracted here,and downsized like Japanese "Bonsai" or "Bonseki" in which the landscape is downsized. Three " boad with paper", a punched aluminum and a plaster ball exist independently. But at the same time, by collecting them, they can become to be a "rocky coast" of the Japanese garden.