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大城夏紀 natsuki oshiro






Rhapsody in French garden

The French Garden, Rhapsody in French garden
OPEN STUDIO at Cite international des arts in Paris, December 2018
the first drawing for the Open studio

“Decorativeness” and “Structure”

For two months stay in Paris, I researched the French garden which made by Le Notre.
In this open studio, I presented the painting installations inspired by the French garden in its two main aspects: the decorative dimension and the structural rigor.

The British garden represent landscape painting. They make the garden view as if that is “Landscape painting”. (Actually, there was also criticism that it is different from the landscape painting.)

On the other hand, the French garden represent authority using Perspective and decoration.
In the palace, also, there are so many decorations that is like meaning authority.
So, in my mind, the French garden became to be the image of “decorations” on the structural rigor.
I decided to use the pattern cloth as the symbol of the Decorativeness.

In my art, I repeat one motif by using other materials.
By repeating, the appearance of them are transformed. I think this transformation reveals its structure. And by naming my work, I make the rules in my art.
I look for the limited line between concrete and abstract.

At the open studio, I exhibited the pieces of “Decorativeness and Structure” that were repeated by using other way and materials.

(2018/12 The residency at Cite international des arts in Paris supported by Showa Shell sekiyu K.K.)

for the Park of Versailles
for the Park of Versailles
The structure without structure; for the Park of Versailles
The fauntain; for the Park of Versailles
the French garden
Two kinds of view in the French Garde; / the space by the movie and two drawing works

OPEN STUDIO "Rhapsody in the French garden"




2018/12 The residency at Cite international des arts in Paris supported by Showa Shell sekiyu K.K.