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Natsuki Oshiro was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1985.
She studied Fine Arts in Tokyo Zokei University (MFA, in Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan, in 2012) and she studied also sociology
through artcritics (including semiotics) in Waseda University (BA, in Literature, Tokyo, Japan in 2008 ) .
Lives and works in Kanagawa and Tokyo, Japan.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Open studio “Rhapsody in French garden” Cité internationale des arts, Paris (Supported by Idemitsu Showa Shell)
2018 Solo Exhibition “Repeating Mountains and Rocky Coasts ” Art Trace Gallery ,Tokyo
2017 Solo Exhibition “ossis” CLOUDS ART ,Tokyo
2016 Solo Exhibition "pianissimo" Art Trace Gallery ,Tokyo
2011 Solo Exhibition "The Discovery of the Landscape" CS galllery in Tokyo Zokei University,Tokyo

Group Exhibitions

2019 “Line, such as a cloud” SAKuRA gallery, Tokyo
"Retro Machinism" TO OV cafe/gallery, Hokkaido and Newld, Tokyo
2018  "RED ●●●" Rocky shore, Tokyo,
ART FAIR "3331 ART FAIR 2018" Arts Chiyoda 3331,Tokyo, "Forming Constellations" ART TRACE Gallery ,Tokyo
2017  "OPEN TIME" ART TRACE Gallery ,Tokyo "ASYAAF2017" Soul DDP ,Korea
ART PROJECT "Asagaya Art Street 2017" Suginami ward office gallery ,Tokyo
2016  "The Selection of Holbein Scholarship Vol.3" REIJINSYAGallery ,Tokyo
ART FAIR "Sapporo Art Fair 2016" Cross Hotel Sapporo ,Hokkaido"
Biota of paintings" Vision’s, Tokyo "Blue" Gallery Forgotten Dreams, Tokyo
2015  see_through_(SAKuRA GALLERY,Tokyo), Wonder Seed 2015(Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya,Tokyo)
Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program Exhibition(EYE OF GYRE,Tokyo)
2014  interactive-YOUTH-(Gallery Hinoki,Tokyo)
2011  M Polyphony(ZOKEI galllery,Tokyo)('10)
2011  Art Polygon(NHK gallery,Tokyo)
2010  ART PROJECT "Art Program Ome 2010" Ome city,Tokyo
2008  Terminal(Bunbodo gallery,Tokyo)


Grants and Awards

2018  Grant by Idemitsu Showa Shell, Shell Art Award Residency Support Program (Paris, Cite international des arts)
2017  Nominated for Shell Art Award 2018,Showa Shell Sekiyu corporation ,Tokyo
2015  Nominated for Tokyo Wonder Seed 2015,Tokyo
2014  Nominated for Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program ,Tokyo
2011  Grant, Holbein Scholarship

My theme is about what you will not be able to recognize by naming it,
and what you will be able to recognize by naming it.

Or it is about the symbolic assumptions and rules in daily life.

When calling home as "home" ”my home”, the building itself becomes invisible.
Conversely, in the Japanese garden, it lays down stones and calls it "waterfall". I will regard the stones as a waterfall.

In recent works, I make models of gardens, with familiar tools such as paper or paper tape. And I paint a picture of this model.
So, my work is painting of “Paper model”. But, when I call it “Japanese garden”, it will become the picture of Japanese garden.